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PRIDE is an campaign through NJEA to celebrate the successes of public education. NJEA provides several grants during the school year to schools who reach out to the community in which the school resides. Our school district has been granted funds over the years to help with several projects throughout the district.

Remember, if you think of an event where you will be hosting parents, be PROUD and let us know about it. We will help you get funding for what you may need.

Our PRIDE contact person is Amy King (Kirby’s Mill School):


(complete and submit to your PRIDE Chair prior to your event to request PRIDE funds)

PRIDE Invitation and Thank You
(Please use the attached wording in your event invitation and post the thank you note at your event)

MEA Expense Voucher
(Fill out the Expense Voucher and submit with your receipts to your PRIDE chair)

For more information on PRIDE click here :

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