February 6, 2018

Dine Out For Education 2018

Please support our Medford Education Foundation today, February 6, 2018, by “dining out” at some of our favorite local establishments.  Please see the link for a complete list of participating restaurants.  We appreciate your support of our schools!

Dine Out2018

January 11, 2018


We are now accepting applications for MEA scholarships!  You must have attended Medford Schools for at least 5 years in order to apply for the scholarships.  Click on the link for the scholarship application and complete.  Good Luck!

Return completed application and essay by Monday, April 9, 2018 to:

Shawnee High School Counseling Center

Or mail to:

Ms. Rina Cardenas

c/o Cranberry Pines School

400 Fairview Road

Medford, NJ 08055

Click below for the Scholarship Application:


May 25, 2016


May 25, 2016


Dear Members,

By now I’m sure you have read the May 24, 2016 letter from Dr. Del Rossi with regard to the upcoming Town Council vote.  It is impossible to minimize the impact that this one vote by  town council members could have on our students, staff, administration, and educational mission.

All of us remember the devastating 2010 budget cuts handed down from Trenton. We all witnessed our district lose multiple staff positions including cuts to physical education, music,art, and technology, as well as the elimination of our band program. Since those massive budget cuts, the goal of our district has been to rebuild those programs that are so vital to ensuring a well-rounded education for our children.  For the past four years, New Jersey law has allowed both school districts AND town council committees to bypass a public vote on their budgets, as long as the proposed budgets were limited to an increase of 2% or less. Over these same four years of responsible budgeting, our Medford School Board has worked diligently to return the essential programs and personnel that were eliminated. Now in the 2015-2016 school year, Medford Schools are whole again and have even been able to implement full day kindergarten.

What all of our Association members need to know is that with one vote by the five-member Town Council, everything we have recovered could be lost. On Wednesday, June 1, as mentioned in Dr. Del Rossi’s letter, Medford Town Council will hold a special meeting for public discussion on whether or not to move the annual school election back to April. If Council votes to return to an April election, Medford citizens would again have the choice to pass our budget or vote it down.  However, if  the budget is defeated, Town Council would then have the sole right to change the budget in any way it sees fit.  It is important to remember that the citizens of Medford  have already elected individuals whose mandate is to manage our schools…our School Board. On the other hand, the five-member Town Council was elected and charged with running our municipality. Medford Township Schools have always had a reputation for excellence and even over the past six years, our dedication to our students and our mission of providing the highest quality education has not wavered.

Here are the facts we are currently faced with. Our Town Council is made up of five members.  Two members are firmly committed to moving the election back to April, originally wanting to make this move without ANY input from the public. In fact, one of the Council members has said repeatedly that he sees absolutely no return on the tax dollars that go to the schools. That leaves three members that we have the opportunity to influence.  If we fail to come together to show our concern, our silence and absence will send the message that our schools and students are not worth standing up for.  We need to have as many teachers as we can attend this meeting. We have ONE night to make our voices heard and that night is Wednesday, June 1.  The Medford HSA has already been contacted by our Board of Education and its leadership is reaching out to all our parents as well. In fact, several spoke eloquently and effectively at the May 17 meeting.  

As the leadership of our Medford Education Association, the Executive Board asks that you make this event an absolute priority.  We will NOT get a second chance to demonstrate our concern and every parent, teacher, and staff member who attends will send an unmistakable message of the importance of education in the town of Medford.  


We urge you to attend the June 1, 2016 Council Meeting.

Medford Municipal Building – 7PM



The MEA Executive Board

March 10, 2014

MEA Scholarship

Now Accepting Applications for MEA Scholarships!  You must have attended Medford Schools for at least 5 years in order to apply for the scholarship. Click on the link for the scholarship application and complete! Good luck!

Return completed application and essay by Thursday April 13, 2017 to:

Shawnee High School Counseling Center

Or mail to

Ms. Rina Cardenas
c/o Cranberry Pines School
400 Fairview Road
Medford, NJ08055

Click here for Scholarship Application


October 22, 2013

Winter Leadership Call for Participants

The NJEA Winter Leadership conference is right around the corner and we hope you can join us.

Registration Deadline is December 2 for the January 24-25th workshop….Sheraton in Atlantic City

Central Leadership Conference deadline is February 3 for the Mary 21-23 workshop…. Hilton East Brunswick


1. Presidents’ Roundtable

2.Legal Issues Affecting School Employees

3. Preparing for Negotiations-Collective Bargaining

4. Grieve-Don’t Gripe- Contract Enforcement

5. AR- a Key to a Strong Organization

6.. Bargaining Health Benefits

7. Basic Treasurer’s Training

8. Effective Political Advocacy Through Your LAT

9. Combatting Corporate Ed Reform

10. Evaluation and the Association: Ensuring Advocacy for Professional Growth


Single Occupancy: $170.00 per person    Double Occupancy: $130.00 per person   Commuter: $85.00 per person

MEA will make a decision about paying for part of the training at the November meeting, but if you are interested, you need to sign up quickly.

August 30, 2013

Medford EA Gives to Charity

I just received the update from last year’s United Way Campaign. In Burlington County there are eight associations with a membership of 500 or more. MedfordEA is one. Of those eight, we ranked fourth, which is pretty good considering the times. The United Way campaign begins again in October. Thank you for your past contributions.

August 28, 2013

Chance to Volunteer

On September 18, I will be volunteering with NJEA in Camden to help Veterans and their families. If you would like to join me in any of the activities below, please let me know and I’ll add you to the list. If you’d like to drive together, also, contact me.



NJEA Volunteer Event Agenda September 18, 2013

Home for the Brave & Aletha Wright Vision of Hope Center (10 to 15 Volunteers)

• GED Tutoring (10 am to 12 pm & 5pm to 6pm) • Literacy (Confidential setting?) and Math Skills Tutoring (10 am to 12 pm & 5pm

to 6pm) • Lunch and Dinner servers (12pm to 1pm and 5 pm to 6pm) • Day and evening opportunities. • Art Therapy Classes • Health and wellness classes • Computer Literacy Tutoring (Tour of 1812 Federal)

Anna Sample House (10 to 15 Volunteers)

• Mommy and me classes with pre-school children (reading, K-prep etc) (10am to 12 pm)

• Back-to-school theme in September • Educational Arts and Crafts Day • Computer Literacy Tutoring – Parents and Safe Haven (10 am to 12pm & 5pm to

6pm) • Homework tutoring (6pm to 7 pm)

Hot Teams (5 to 6 Volunteers)

• Stuffing care packages for distribution (100) – At Admin Office • Prep bagged lunches for distribution (100) • GED Community outreach in Camden to explain the process

Corbett House (3 to 4 Volunteers)

• 4:00 to 5:00 homework help for kids returning from school • End of August opportunity to help decorate with back-to-school theme and help

distribute school supplies.NJEA Volunteer Event Timeline September 18, 2013


August 26, 2013

Some Professional Articles to Consider


AchieveNJ: Educator Evaluation Support in New Jersey updated as of May 7, 2012 this includes the change from 35% to 30% standardized test weight for evaluation purposes.





Student Growth Objective QUICK START GUIDE, includes information for the ScIP to plan out the year with a sample school year calendar. https://nj.gov/education/AchieveNJ/teacher/SGOQuickStartGuide.pdf

Student Growth Objectives…Developing and Using Practical Measures of Student Learning.  Everything you could possibly need to know, for now. https://nj.gov/education/AchieveNJ/teacher/SGOGuidebook.pdf



Publishers Criteria for CCSS Math (revised)https://www.corestandards.org/assets/Math_Publishers_Criteria_K8_Spring%202013_FINAL.pdf



High School Publisher’s Criteria for Math (revised)https://www.corestandards.org/assets/Math_Publishers_Criteria_HS_Spring%202013_FINAL.pdf

Revised Publishers’ Critereia For CCSS English-Language Arts and Literacy, Grades 3-12https://www.corestandards.org/assets/Publishers_Criteria_for_3-12.pdf


Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) Update

Links are provided in a printer friendly format.  Math:  https://www.parcconline.org/print/math-plds

ELA:    https://www.parcconline.org/print/ela-plds


DOE newsletter and the Spanish translation for the ELA standards.  They are provided below.

The Bridge….A monthly newsletter for educators from the New Jersey Department of Education

You can sign up for delivery to your email account.  When you do, they want to know everything about you.




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