Winter Leadership Call for Participants


The NJEA Winter Leadership conference is right around the corner and we hope you can join us.

Registration Deadline is December 2 for the January 24-25th workshop….Sheraton in Atlantic City

Central Leadership Conference deadline is February 3 for the Mary 21-23 workshop…. Hilton East Brunswick


1. Presidents’ Roundtable

2.Legal Issues Affecting School Employees

3. Preparing for Negotiations-Collective Bargaining

4. Grieve-Don’t Gripe- Contract Enforcement

5. AR- a Key to a Strong Organization

6.. Bargaining Health Benefits

7. Basic Treasurer’s Training

8. Effective Political Advocacy Through Your LAT

9. Combatting Corporate Ed Reform

10. Evaluation and the Association: Ensuring Advocacy for Professional Growth


Single Occupancy: $170.00 per person    Double Occupancy: $130.00 per person   Commuter: $85.00 per person

MEA will make a decision about paying for part of the training at the November meeting, but if you are interested, you need to sign up quickly.

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